Friday, September 18, 2009

I have become radically disenfranchised with Christianity.
Through this I have discovered my self.
Through this I have let go of Christianity, church, and evangelicalism.
I have embraced the “Good News” for what it is “Good News” to the poor, the oppressed, “Good News” to the people on the margins.
I have embraced a new framing story, one not rooted in imperialism, empire, and white privilege.
The framing story I choose to follow is rooted in Kin/dom, in inclusion, in identifying with the oppressed only, in liberating the captives from the imperial yoke of power, consumption and all other aspects of dehumanizing activity.
I choose…I decide…they do not decide for me, nor will they ever again.
Jesus is not a pill.
Jesus is not a weapon.
Jesus is not a Christian.
Jesus is not co-opted by the state.
Jesus is a revolution
Jesus is the start of the divine peace insurgency.
Jesus is not emergent.
Jesus is not traditional.
Jesus is not contemporary.
Jesus is not safe…

Friday, September 4, 2009

i am breathing

I have not blogged in a while. I plan on starting again. It is fall and I feel rejuvenated. I have a new found hope in subversive living and community.

I am still living in Chillicothe.

Peculiar People is continuing to go well.

I am still a youth pastor, this is going well.

My wife is well.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

If some of you may not have heard/read Bishop Gene Robinson’s prayer the day before the Inauguration I would encourage you to get a hold of it, as it was not heard. I have some issues with HBO dropping his time slot and also with the speakers malfunctioning when he came to the stage. I hope, I pray, that these were technical difficulties. However, I have a hard time trusting the establishment, an establishment built on shutting up prophets.
Rick Warren just had to mix Jesus and the flag; I was very offended when he ripped into the Lord’s Prayer. I was with some friends at a gathering to watch the Inauguration, some of them were Atheist, and they were very offended. I cannot imagine the thoughts in the crowd. I am sorry to inform you Mr. Warren, NOT EVERY ONE IN AMERICA IS CHRISTIAN. But, I do commend Rick Warren on the great work he has done for the church, not just here in the states but also abroad. I agree with him on pretty much nothing, this does not matter because he will never know, but I commend his social work.
Peculiar People News.

I had meetings all day yesterday with city officials about getting a lot in Linken (not sure how to spell this) Park so that Peculiar People could community garden and create community with those ignored within Chillicothe. I thought this idea to be a long shot, especially to be approved…but, it was approved. We also got lots at Tiffin Towers and Worthington Manner. The lots at Tiffin Towers and Worthington Manner will be strictly for those living within these communities. Peculiar People will not be accepting any money from the city or the Government for this adventure. It is our hope that we can raise all of the needed money through grass roots donations. We have had one donation for 500 dollars. I believe this can sustain us for a while. If you would like to donate seeds, time, sweat, tears, or simply buy us a bottle of wine, then that would be great. We will be doing all of this off of the grid, all by hand. So, needless to say we will be doing a lot of hand tilling. Continue to pray to the “God of our many understanding”, pray that this venture will prosper and lives will be impacted. Pray that apathy leaves Southern Ohio and that we finally accept that the Gospel is not found within individualistic Christianity, the flag, or nationalism... but that it is rather found within community.