Friday, September 18, 2009

I have become radically disenfranchised with Christianity.
Through this I have discovered my self.
Through this I have let go of Christianity, church, and evangelicalism.
I have embraced the “Good News” for what it is “Good News” to the poor, the oppressed, “Good News” to the people on the margins.
I have embraced a new framing story, one not rooted in imperialism, empire, and white privilege.
The framing story I choose to follow is rooted in Kin/dom, in inclusion, in identifying with the oppressed only, in liberating the captives from the imperial yoke of power, consumption and all other aspects of dehumanizing activity.
I choose…I decide…they do not decide for me, nor will they ever again.
Jesus is not a pill.
Jesus is not a weapon.
Jesus is not a Christian.
Jesus is not co-opted by the state.
Jesus is a revolution
Jesus is the start of the divine peace insurgency.
Jesus is not emergent.
Jesus is not traditional.
Jesus is not contemporary.
Jesus is not safe…

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