Sunday, August 26, 2007


Driving to and from Colorado this week with my wife and sister-in-law I was able to experience for the second time in my life the complete awesomeness of Kansas. I will share my reflection from my journal that I recorded while Kelly or Emily drove, I do not remember:

Driving home from Colorado and at the moment we are in Kansas. A vast wasteland filled with transformer like telephone poles and ancient oil pumping machines that slam up and down savagely, while we fight wars in the Middle East. I see corn, prairie dogs and sun flowers. The clouds sit low and large, they are demanding. They remind me of over bearing cotton balls being pulled apart by the east and the west.

Kansas, roadside attractions, the worlds largest know prairie dog lives up the road form our current location; it lives happily with 5 legged cow and a talking Donkey.

Kansas a bridge from old world to the new world a state of constant solitude where silence is loud and law is less.


drifter's escape said...
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drifter's escape said...

kansas did seem like a wasteland-although you somehow made it sound much more appealing in your blog.
i think it will always draw large crowds with its "world's largest prairie dog" display.