Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Today in the News

Head lining news from CNN. COM-

K-Fed steps up to parenting plate

Idol worship. We worship celebrities, we have become immune to reality.
A lesser known fact, yesterday

Tuesday 2 October: 49 dead

Baghdad: roadside bomb, Salman Bak; roadside bomb, Karrada; roadside bomb Rashid; roadside bomb, Zaafaraniya; bombs kill 9 in total; 9 bodies.
Khalis: suicide bomber explodes car at checkpoint, kills 6, including a child.
Wihda: gunmen shoot dead father and son.
Suwayra: primary school teacher shot dead.
Hawija: clashes between gunmen and police kill 2 civilians.
Baquba: gunmen kill parents with their daughter.
Iskandariya: doctor is shot dead in his car.
Tuz Khurmato: the bodies of 2 brothers found.
Kirkuk: police find 5 bodies.
Mosul: 2 bodies found in car.

This brings the innocent Iraqi death total to anywhere between 74, 442-81,131.

What matters??


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John, that takes me back to the question you asked Donald Miller about K-Fed and Britney break up. I still laugh about that everytime I see them in the news. I love the way you think! I was watching the Anderson Cooper and he was covering the killing of Monks in Myanmar. So sad. I struggle with what I can do for this situation. I feel my money is not enough. I struggle with God's will for me daily. Thank you for your blog.