Thursday, November 1, 2007

Waiting on the RTA

Today has been good. Sitting at the train stop waiting for its arrival. It is cold, winter is in the air. I have a warm coffee, two different socks, one brown and one white, both huge and obvious. I wonder how did i do this? I know the train is going to be tight, a lot of people get on or off at this time of the day. I am reading Paul Tillich for the first time. I am being transformed, awakened. His discussion of "doubt" is the best i have ever come across and it is liberating. He also discusses creeds and dogma, in an early post i talked about burning them...i take that back. I encourage everyone to read him.

This week has been good overall. We still do not have a car but it has brought us closer together and forced us to interact with the cleveland community.

i went to a protest over the weekend. it was against violence. zero religious leaders, showed up.they all worry about being labeled liberal and un-christian-which baffels me. it was good though. intense and heart breaking. a lot of mother spoke of what it was like to lose a child to street violence. i cannot imagine. i cannot imagine to lose anyone in such a violent act.we marched downtown with an empty hearse in the middle of the crowd.

i was on the news at 11. my professor told me.

the nation state is an idol.

gas went up... a ton. weird... i bet were at war with iran soon.

browns 4-3. Derek Anderson is the best QB ever. I will be at the game sunday. my pastor likes the redskins they play good football. landry and taylor in the backfield on defense is wicked. however, the pats pounded them worse then they beat the browns, so in my opinion the browns play better football. the city is rallying around the browns. which is good.
i have a theory. the bible tells us that God is a friend of the God must be a friend of the Cleveland Browns. peace. love. browns. justice.hope. JohnIV

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