Monday, January 28, 2008


Brows offer Anderson and Lewis deals.
I do not really care what Anderson does, however, I am particularly interested in the Lewis deal. I read on an NFL rumors website that the Brownies really like a running back from Tulane, he is a big bruiser like Jamal. I would not mind a two back system in Cleveland, most NFL teams do it now. I am sure if the Browns do it we will see a re-birth of Kevin Mack and Ernest Byner, who I hate because he fumbled it against the Bronco's in the AFC championship on the one yard line and then went to the Skin's and won a super bowl.

What is going on with the Skin's Steve?

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steve said...

now know Byner is truly "the Man."
what a comeback---to win a ring with the beloved Skins---after such a terrible mishap up by the lake, lol. dude...what IS happening with my skins??? Has daniel snyder totally snapped or what?

Offensive Coordinator Al Saunders and Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams have been fired???

oh my...