Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Deep within them I will plant my Law, writing in on their hearts. Then I will be their God and the shall be my people. There will be no further need for neighbor to try to teach neighbor, or brother to say to brother, 'Learn to know Yahweh!'No, they will all know me, the least no less than the greatest-it is Yahweh who speaks-since I will forgive their iniquity and never call their sin to mind" (Jeremiah 31:33-34).

My new favorite verse in the Hebrew Bible.

I have been thinking about Reinhold Niebhur and his critique of the Evangelical Church, especially of Billy Graham. The first evangelicals had revivals based around social justice and then for some reason we became rooted in a personal salvation, based around guilt.... Niebhur wrote an open letter to Graham.. I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone have it?

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Chad Rinehart said...

yes, all this Chirstian shit on tv is forgive me! forgive me! I don't see why we should be so sorrowful if we believe we are already forgiven? I've been try'n to figure out just wat it is that immediately tells me someone is a "christian" and that's it, a look of pity and self-hatred sometimes neatly covered up in a smile. get at me jon!