Monday, July 21, 2008


The music is mellow- dramatic hip hop, with a hint of jazz, and Benedictine chanting. My head is in pain and the humidity is not helping, as this coffee shop is depraved of oxygen. However, a good book fixes these irritations (Jack Kerouac: On the Road).

I bought a car for 500 dollars. It is an Oldsmobile Station Wagon, 1988, with 65,000 miles. I am driving it to Vermont with Kelly tomorrow. We are going to disappear for a few days before we move back to the foot hills. A time collect sanity, enjoy the road and also…read…relax…read…relax…read.

I move back August 3rd weekend.

I have one class left for MA. It is an independent study on a topic of my own choosing. I just finished Church Theology with Dr. Nuth. Dr. Nuth is a Catholic Theologian, ex-nun, and social agitator. She has a way of making one appreciate the tradition of the church.

We need a place to live in Chillicothe….anyone know of anything in the downtown area to rent.

Emily, Ryan and Cari came up to Cleveland to see us off. It was a fun night, filled with ruckus, dance and redemption.

It is weird, I spent a good part of my time in Cleveland disliking the city…The oppressive structure of it was disgusting. The poverty was over whelming, as was the violence. However, the last few months I have found myself falling in love with Cleveland. I have made some awesome friends and have started to take part in good bit of holy ruckus. I hope to be able to bring this same type of attitude to Chillicothe. It will not be hard as we have a group of committed sisters and brothers in the Chillicothe area ready for a non-violent, Appalachian Revolution. Peace. Kerouac is calling.

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Roogles said...

I'm excited about having you back in town. Looking forward to some great conversations over lunch, coffee, and books.

Enjoy your get-away.