Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cobalt Season

I was looking for salvation, not religion or a nation, where should I go? I was looking for salvation, somewhere birthed from deep frustration, somewhere from below. –The Cobalt Season

As the Empire shakes the world collapses.

Just as the ancient Roman imperial elite drained enslaved countries of resources to supply “bread and circus” for the masses in Rome, so giant U.S. based corporations drain our enslaved countries of resources such as oil and raw materials, and nowadays especially cheap labor, to supply goods to the United States. Cheap gas for SUVs, the fruits of agribusiness, and a plentiful supply of other consumer goods, of course, ensure popular support for imperialism in the United States today; just as comparable goods did earlier in Rome. Of course, the proportion of goods consumed by Ancient Rome never even approached the 75 percent of the world’s recourses currently being consumed by Americans. (This info taken from Jesus and Empire, by Richard Horsley)

The Empire is large and oppressive. We as Christians, who follow the subversive ethic of Jesus, pledge allegiance to a domineering monster who continues to oppress the poor not just within America but also throughout the world. JESUS stood in defiance against the Roman Empire and we should also stand in defiance of the American Empire. Religion and Nationalism are idolatry.

Jesus rebuilt the Temple in three days, the temple is you, the temple is me, the temple is Crack Head Debby, and the temple is in all of us. It is not found in the structure of the nation state or the church. The temple is the people. The temple is the people. The temple is the people. We do not have rulers. We have relationship with God.

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