Friday, June 1, 2007

Longing for Change.

Last night i attended the U2 Eucharist at Trinity Episcopalian in downtown Cleveland. It was a powerful experience. Not so much the musical worship but the different walks of life that were attending. The congregation is mixed with homosexuals, homeless folk and ordinary people. It was beautiful to see this body of believers together worship the Radical Carpenter.

We get so caught up in the worldly matters that we tend to forget what actually matters. Jesus often talks about the "sojourner", actually the bible often mentions it all throughout the old and new testament. The resident alien is always in need of a home... if one is different from society they should be able to find comfort in the church, not condemnation.

This often does not happen.

We can change this i hope. The pastor of Trinity is an open Lesbian that is passionate for justice through Jesus. Her church is environmentally friendly and absolutely beautiful.


I am rambling....peace, JohnIV

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jodi said...

sounds like a very cool experience john!