Monday, June 18, 2007


Mahatma Gandhi said, “There is no limit to extending our services to our neighbors across State-made frontiers. God never made those frontiers” (All Men are Brothers, 121).

The modern nation state is suppressive to the Christian message. We see a radical deep seated racism separating God’s divine children from one another because of the people’s loyalty to a flag, to a war machine. One nation believes God is on there side of the flag and the other believes the same. The divisions arise and turn into wars that are undermined by religious figures whispering divine judgment into the ears of the nation leaders. God’s wrath is brought down upon ones enemies, the ones that are standing behind a different flag…the judgments are brought on by man not by God. The judgment is unleashed through technology, so know one lives… Smart Bombs and Peace bombs collide with schools, dismembering innocent children, creating innocent soldiers whom rise out of the ashes of man’s divine judgment.

We long for prophets.

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jaki good said...

i like plowshares.
and peace.
and your blog....keep writing:)