Sunday, September 30, 2007

An Article

An article was published in the News Watchmen. The News Watchmen is a paper in Pike County. The article or letter, I am not sure what it was, anyways it was filled with hate, stereotyping and lies. I was ashamed when I read it. I was ashamed to be a Christian, as it was written by a Christian.

It referred to the homosexual community as evil, hinted at violence toward the homosexual community and also ranted about political ideal.

I believe the editor of the paper should be held accountable for allowing this to be published. It has to cross his hands last or at least it seems that it would be that way. He published it, I am sure he would not publish something good about the homosexual community.

I honestly do not have an issue with the homosexual community. I also firmly believe it is not a biblical issue. I know this will raise red flags but let me state that I am not a fundamentalist; I do not personally take the bible to be 100 % accurate.

I am a follower of the peasant revolutionary. I believe he took in the marginalized, the oppressed and the hated of his community, which existed in the 1st century. So in that time the marginalized were tax collectors, lepers, non-Jews, zealots and women. Let us look at the church today; the body that is Christ… does it love the marginalized? I look at who Jesus loved and compare it to who the church despises today… the church casts out atheists or anyone that is not Christian, revolutionary zealots, suppresses women and ignores those with HIV (the modern leper). The church loves the rich, white, hateful, man, racist, war supporting, democrat, republican.

I sat across from an open lesbian yesterday at a coffee shop down the road from my house, we studied the bible together. She quoted scripture, spilled her heart out about her relationship with God, and talked about her struggles and her loves. She was amazing, she is amazing. I looked at her when she was speaking and I smiled, I could not stop smiling because I was being swallowed by the Holy Spirit, and it was flowing out of her and into my presence. I have not felt that for a long time. After we had bible study we went to the peace rally and we talked more. It was a great day.

Destroy your preconceptions…open your heart to love… be more Christ like. Love those that know one else does. Do not turn a blind eye to hate, especially when it is in your face. I am hoping to get a letter writing campaign to the News Watchmen editor… my friend that I discussed above said she will help…. Leo Tolstoy said toward the end of his life, when the world was riddled with war and hate that he could know longer be silent, he could know longer sit around while the Christian sat tight lipped and cross legged in the face of injustice and the war machine...So speak up...Peace and love…John Williams


Chad Rinehart said...

I fully agree. We should not sit idly while discrimination rears its prideful smirk. Ignorance does not qualify hate. Demonizing a group of people, with no basis, should have no place in civic publication. Confronting these issues will raise awareness and show the true nature behind hate-based ideology/theology. I got your back, bro.

Sarah said...

What is the date on this article? I would like to look it up.