Monday, September 24, 2007

Iron and Wine

I am going to see Iron and Wine tonight. Should be a good show.

I rode my bike to school today. I have to everyday, i am fasting from automobile travel within these city walls. It is an 18 mile ride one way, that takes me through the ghetto, littered with drug dealers and prostitutes. It is destitute, it is depressing and heart breaking.

The Government and especially the church, the white church has abandoned these people to a life of drug addiction and crime. I wonder sometimes how to make an impact upon these people, how to break the chains of generational poverty. It is mind numbing to read the papers in this town, to read nearly everyday about another child getting gunned down and as the body count gets higher it still does not make the front page. Rather what we have is the latest celebrity scandal or Indians or Browns win/loss. The same goes for the war in Iraq.

I compare Cleveland to southern Ohio, the way in which the State/Government has turned its back on the people of the city and the hills. The way in which drugs ranging from crack to meth have become so prevelant within each community. The way in which buisness is run out by corporations that support the suppression of millions in america and over seas.

Any who..... peace out.... wake up.... stand up.... speak up...., John Williams

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Sarah said...

I read your blog often but never know what to say. However, thank you for this post b/c I now have a different perspective on a few things that have been wrestling in my mind.