Saturday, September 29, 2007


My friend Puma from Chillicothe was in Cleveland last night. I saw him, he came to Lakewood to go to the Winchester. One of the best live bands i have ever seen were playing. Big Brothers Brother. All instrumental. It blew me away. I have enjoyed Cleveland this week. I am going to a peace rally with Meredeth today, it is in Ohio City. Should be a good time and not change anything. I bet 7 people will show up and when we go to the coffee shop after we will hear nothing but yuppie people complaining about the war, then they will jump in the 48,000 dollar SUV and go home, watch plasma TV, CNN and eat organic food from Trader Joe's. Honestly...what the hell will it take for people to wake up

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steve said...

Editing and deleting your posts!?!?

Ahhh, John, there you go capitulating to Big Business and political correctness, LOL.

Keep pushing the edge my friend!