Thursday, September 13, 2007

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I do not have a clue how to put friends on this thing. I have a friend though that has a blog and he has an uncanny ability with words and to simplify profound things... here is his blog.

I was thinking this morning about a lot of different things. I will list them.

1. If God created time is he outside of time or part of time?
2. How can one be pro-life and pro-war?
3. Will I ever not be spiritually depressed?

The first thought was inspired by some old readings by St. Augustine, Philo the Founder and Anslem. All were Classical Theist. They all struggled with the view of time and how it related to God. It is interesting that it was a common practice in ancient time to apply zero compassion to the creator. They just considered God to be above compassion, these three dudes were the ones that began to reshape this Aristotalian and Platonistic view of things.

The second though baffels me more then the first. I am not outspoken enough but I need to say what is on my mind. I often struggle with what others think of me and i need to let go of this. I am pro-life, i do not believe in abortion. I think it is awful. However what i find so amazing in this country is that we have a Christian majority supporting the pro-life cause that also supports a war on innocent people taking place in the Middle East. Night in and night out innocent children get killed. blown to bits by bombs my tax dollars pay for. The documented civilian deaths by violence since the occupation of American Forces in Iraq is 78, 564... imagine that!!!! 9/11 almost monthly. Also this is documented.... think of the mass graves being found..... i do not understand it... We here in our modern church setting, with the expensive sound system and expensive crosses, church buildings everything...we just do not understand.... we have given up on the your bibles.... just read them.... let them speak to you..... just read the Gospels, hell read the Old Testament.... God is a God of justice not murder...

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Chad Rinehart said...

I personally think God's true self 'exists' outside of time. However, He also "to us" exists inside of time. There are dates in history where God did this, or God did that. But, this makes the true God outside of time, doesn't it? The fact that a supernatural being can interact with a finite people would seem to place him in someother reality. (Time, being our definition for the movement and reality of life.)
In man there has always been the idea of God. Or, a sensitivity to a higher power. If an idea is inherent can it be both in/outside of time? Or, does that reduce God to an idea?
Maybe, God is both? But what does that mean? Thanks alot for blowing my mind with this question. I think it has some very interesting implications. I have some idea of what I think. What do you think, man? Can you send me some nude pics?