Friday, September 21, 2007


Two days ago I was playing a video game...i lost... in the video game and became infuriated, in fits of rage I began to cuss wildly at the air. I was unable to understand how I lost to the Titans in John Madden football. It was my second year in my franchise and my team, the Browns, were on a freaking roll. But, the last two games i had struggled to win, Brady could not move the ball, my receivers were dropping everything and my defense looked just like the Bengals defense in real life. This all lead up to a tumultuous butt kicking by the Titans.
I was mad and then I got sick, I was sick inside that I actually cared. I was heavy inside because I just wasted one hour of my life on this earth playing this video game, that in the end did not give me any enjoyment but pissed me off.
Kelly and I talk about giving things away. We talk about disappearing, dropping out of society and fighting for justice. Or just moving to the mountains in a cabin, to read and live off the land. Live a Thoreau type existence.
I stared at my game cube, looked at the books around me and wanted to puke... i looked outside and it was beautiful .... I walked out my front door and went next door to my neighbors. I do not know them at all. But, i do know they do not have a lot of money and have a son that is really hyper. I give them vegetables from my garden a lot. They love zucchini.
I knocked on the door and the mother came and she looked confused to be seeing me. I asked her if her son wanted a video game console and a lot of games. She asked him and he said yes, i could heart the hint of joy in his voice. I went back home, put the game console in a box, packed up all my games in the same box and marched back over and handed it to her. She was overjoyed and tried to give me money, i declined. I felt free.I went straight to my basement where i keep my clothing and put 90% of them in a trash bag, hopped on my bike and went to the Salvation Army, dropped them off and went home.
I read the rest of the night, i was happy, free and on my way out of my own self made society.
The next day Meridith, Kelly and I went downtown and marched through the ghetto with 600 black people in protest of the injustice taking place in Jena, Louisiana. It was worship for me, Gods presence was everywhere, the holy spirit was evident.
It was great to walk the gang owned streets in force, to show the police in Cleveland that racism will not be tolerated, that the segregation of this city must change or we will have our very own Jena incident. It was nice to do it non-violently, to love people. We were it seems to be the only 3 white people out of the 600 plus crowd. It was terribly sad.
Moral of the post- Give away what burdens you and you will be free to stand up for those without a voice...

Your a crazy bread
I hope your not lonely
Without me
- Jerry Hannen


jd hortel said...

lets float down rivers

lauratiu said...

Amazing. I, too, wanted to be somewhere to support the Jena 6. Unfortunately or fortunately there is no ghetto in Waverly to walk through. There is, however, plenty of injustice and need. I guess I don't need to be in Texas or Cleveland to do what's right

Chad Rinehart said...

That's awesome, man. I'm inspired. come to nashville!!! later.

Roogles said...

This post is awesome! I'm inspired, and suddenly very self-conscious of all my "stuff".

Great to see you on Sunday!