Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Single Table

John Sobrino the liberation theologian says, “The Good news expressed by Jesus is that those who for centuries had been separated-the poor, pagans, slaves, women, those whom the Jews despised and the Roman empire marginalized-could sit around a single table” This universal opening and its capacity for cultural and social integration is one of the reasons that explain the rapid spread of Christianity. What Christianity introduced into the situation of the time was, then, two convergent elements, the good news of the person of Jesus, and the good news of the shared table. Both become intelligible when one is referred to the other.”

I love this.

I do not think we actually realize the significance of partaking in the Eucharist event, the significance behind communion. Jesus said, "Do this in memorial of me" A memorial reminds us of how the world should be... When we take communion we become one, because we take it from one bread and drink from one cup, we become one body... this is important to remember. When others have excluded from participation in this then we have gone very far from from where we have come.

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