Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What if???????????????????

what if.....??? we invaded Iran??? what would be your response??? i believe we will. in April or May. call me a conspiracy theorist or a heretic...but..... we will see i guess....

every car we have has broken down.

the city is cold, dark and dehumanizing.

what is community? on Saturdays i am part of a bible study. it is made up of : an ex-convict, Presbyterian Minister (female), my wife, homosexuals and myself. We get about 5-9 people... it is seems like community, at least a biblical community... filled with outcasts, sinners (myself) and a table. a common table. we sit around. discuss struggles, struggles with the church, with fitting in, the struggles of being a gay Christian, the struggles of going to church in what could be perceived as "poor" clothing, the struggles of this militaristic Government and its oppression of the rest of the world. We pray, we laugh, we argue, we smile and we study the word of God. we also meet on Monday's for "Theology Pub", we drink good beers and discuss theological issues (Economic policy and its relation to the Gospel). We meet up again on Thursdays for Church. At a coffee shop. People keep coming. It is good.


T5Guy said...

I am not sure about the Iran deal...i believe it is imminent. Sorry to hear about your cars. :(

Very cool about the Bible Study and Church. We miss you at our mens group. It is very cool to be able to come together for worship like that...I admit that I enjoy the corporate worship environment but some of most intimate worship happens in the small group. It is powerful. God Bless Bro.

Sarah said...

I had to laugh a little to myself when I read about your Bible Study...Amen!

Roogles said...

I would love to be in this Bible study.

We've been having awesome discussions at our Wednesday night High School age study...

One of the comments that was made last week was that none of us are perfect, none of us "get it", and nothing will will ever do can be "good enough"... but we keep trying to live like Jesus would want us to, and do the best we can, and in that we are seeing Him to awesome things.

Miss you man... looking forward to seeing you again.