Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sean Taylor

I love football-NFL-it pretty much stands for everything I am not but ever since i was a child i have been a psychotic Cleveland Browns fan... I have been to every home game this year accept for one-it helps i live in Cleveland but even while living in Southern Ohio i would drive up at least 4 times a year... the browns represent this city-a city dying-with a small hope-a fighters spirit and the Browns have begun to win....Maybe Cleveland will also... is sad to hear about the death of Sean Taylor-won of my favorite players- he played my favorite position-safety-he was a head hunter, like Jack Tatum...He was shot in his home by someone-they do not know who did it... but it still non the less sad. My pastor is a Skins fan-he probably liked Taylor...anyways i think that this death can reveal all of the random acts of violence in this country, especially Gun violence. i am anti-gun-especially the concealed weapon law, i think it is bull shit and enabling psychotic nuts to carry out racist vendettas... i think people should be able to hunt- but people do not need to carry around hand guns... i have a bunch more to say about this but i will end it here...


steve said...

dude....this is a bad week. : (

Sean Taylor had a rocky history but by all accounts he had experienced some great changes these past 18 months. Very sad on many levels.

On a purely shallow, selfish, football fan level...Sean was beautiful to watch on the field. On a human level, as a husband and father...I grieve for his young daughter and his fiance and their great loss.

i am sven said...

i carry a gun called a bicycle.

ohio dec 21-27