Thursday, December 6, 2007

My wife and I have moved to the East end of Cleveland, University Circle, it is located on Case Western Reserve Universities Campus. We lived on the West end of the city before in Lakewood. I enjoyed Lakewood to an extent; however, I am happy to move. I am closer to school and Kelly is closer to work, are apartment is tiny but it does the job.

Kelly is sleeping on the couch and will not get up. It is snowing. I heard Southern Ohio has gotten a good bit; it is not bad in Cleveland which is odd. Christmas is on the way, we have decided to not buy gifts for anyone, we asked for everyone else not to buy us anything also. I do not believe in the devil, but if one happened to exist it seems that he/she has done an amazing job distorting the symbolic meaning of Christmas, the celebration of a peasant revolutionary, who in know manner taught anyone to consume mass amounts at the expense of others. I heard on NPR that on Black Friday, Americans spent 22 billion dollars on gifts. Maybe it was all spent at Fair Trade stores, we can at least hope.

Brett Dennen a folk singer my wife and I both like has a song called The Holidays are Here and Were Still at War, I think you can get it on Itunes for free, check it out if you can. I shaved my face for the first time in a long time, I wish I had not.

Shane Claiborne has a new book coming out called, Jesus for President. He is campaigning for his nominee…You can sign up for him to stop in your town. I hope he comes to Cleveland.

I have been wondering how I will approach this election. I have changed radically since the 2000 and 2004 elections. I would almost call myself an Anarchist, but it is filled with way to much ideology.

I cannot and will not vote for a President that in any way endorses war, is against gay marriage and dislikes the Cleveland Browns…this limits my choices to Dennis Kucinich…I am not sure if that is how you spell his name. His office is in Lakewood, where Kell and I use to live. He does not stand a chance though.

Rob Bell was in Cleveland, I did not attend, I was not aware he was coming but my friend Travis went, he liked it. I have not read his books. My brother-in-law likes him, his book about Elvis seemed to make and impact on Clint. He has a new piece of work out called Sex God; I would like to check it out. It seems Brian McLaren does not like Rob Bell because he does not believe in the virgin birth- I am not sure if this is true or not. I like Brian McLaren, I cannot picture him disliking anyone, especially if it was over something controversial.

I subscribe to the podcast “Speaking of Faith” with Kristina Trippet or Tippet, not sure. I encourage all to listen to her. The last one I got was an interview with Jim Wallis, she rarely interviews Christians. His interview was very interesting, especially his upbringing and his belief in the social gospel. I am somewhat weary of Wallis lately but this really brought him down to earth.

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