Friday, April 25, 2008

Today the 7th graders at my school all have the exact same shirt on. It is bland and in white it says “A Day Of Silence”…

None of them will speak a word.

I enticed one to share with me what it meant.

She said, “ We want to protest the oppression of homosexual student, male and female, within society…but especially within the school system.”

She went silent after this….


G-d works through everyone…especially when her/his followers will not respond. …even ornery seventh graders.

I work at an independent school where this type of behavior is encouraged. If a child is an atheist, it is nurtured…however…one cannot say I am an atheist because G-d lets people die… they must be able to prove their point…. If a child is a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu…or Buddhist… we teach them justice, love, compassion, non-violent action and truth…

Could you imagine something like this taking place in a public school….???

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