Friday, May 2, 2008


Were moving home in July or August, I am done with everything in Grad School accept a week long course and a thesis paper…which I have been working on for a in small pieces for a while now.

I need a job.

If anyone knows of anything that happens to read my blog…please tell me about it. We plan on living Chillicothe at first…so anyways…

I never watched Lost. I do not have cable but we just got the internet…I now watch this show like a mad man.

I also love the Office and love the new season…Everyone hates it.

I also love the show Dexter.

I have also just finished my Spiritual Exercises… I am not sure if anyone knows what these happen to be. It is part of the Jesuit tradition, rooted in the theology and teaching of St. Ignatius of Loyola…. It was amazing and I encourage everyone to participate in this. Your heart will be broken, your understanding of God will be transformed, and you will see God in all of creation. Sounds corny… I promise it is not.

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steve said...

if john williams ever shaves his head...we will call him john locke. although...sayid is awesome.